About Us

A little about me…

My name is Araceli, dog mom & Sustainable Fashion lover. I set out to build a life on my own terms. I landed on building a sustainable-oriented online clothing store.


Well, I knew I always wanted to be my own boss. And after several jobs that just didn’t feel right, I set out to merge two of my fave things- shopping & thrifting. At this point I slowly started to realize the effects of buying fast fashion. As a consumer, I no longer wanted to contribute to the demise of our planet (I’m a bit dramatic, what can I say?). So I set out to bring used clothing to a new home & new life.

I created Thrill of the Luxe (TOL) as a destination to showcase pre-loved clothing in a different light. I saw the need to show how stylish pre-loved & vintage clothing can be. Not to mention buying second hand clothing & accessories online can reduce the stress put on our beautiful earth.


We’re committed to Eco-friendly packaging practices…

All of our items are sent out in a combination of either Recyclable, Compostable, made from post consumer waste and Bio-degradable mailers.

In addition, we collect & re-use packaging from friends & family personal orders for larger packages.

We want to make sure that we’re not adding to the plastic problem. So we we’re beyond excited to use 100% recycled mailers that are eco-friendly. How cool is that!?


We’re committed to helping social issues..

This world isn’t just yours or mine. It’s everyone’s. At Thrill of the Luxe we’re committed to helping speak out, promote, educate and donate to important issues that impact our world.

Here’s a few values we’re currently focusing on:

  • Sustainability

  • Social Justice

  • Animal rights

  • Women’s rights

  • Education

  • Mental Health

  • Small business

On a monthly basis we will be donating a portion of our proceeds or time to one or more of these organizations.