Top 10 secondhand items I wear regularly

Top 10 secondhand items I wear regularly

  1. Blazers: I basically live in blazers. They add a level of sophistication to a super casual outfit that nothing other than heels can do.

  2. Crewneck t-shirts: In all shapes & colors. They’re like Pokeman to me, I’m collecting them all. The pair with comfy clothes & elegant midi dresses. Definitely my go-to!

  3. Jeans: I mean, need I say anything else? An everyday essential for me. There’s nothing I wear more than jeans. I easily have 5-10 pairs in all washes and styles. My fave style is high-rise, especially for my curvy body.

  4. Sneakers: Need I say more. I always choose comfort over style.

  5. Silky button ups: This gives a similar effect as the blazers. It’s glam without trying to be glam.

silky button up vintage blouse

6. Graphic t-shirts: They go with everything, including wide leg trousers w/a blazer for an office appropriate look or with biker shorts for running errands.

7. Chunky cardigans: Love the casual comfy feel a chunky cardigan gives an outfit. When I want to be comfy + warm, this is my go-to item.

8. Gold jewelry: I used to hate gold tone jewelry because I thought it looked cheap but I think I wasn’t ready to wear it quite yet. But now I LOVE gold jewelry it goes with everything & brings out the golden undertones

9. Kitten Heels: I’m so glad kitten heels are back, they saved my poor feet from dying! I like simple strappy styles so they avoid looking dated.

10. Simple basic tank tops: I have a pretty chill style for everyday. Sometimes a tank top just does the trick. Plus they’re great layering pieces!

What are your go-to style items?

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