I'm a big shoe person (but really who isn't?), at one point when I was younger I had so many shoes, it was excessive. I've downsized since then obvs and thankfully my closet is much less cluttered. 

Now that I have edited my shoe collection and have a better idea of what my style is (I'm planning on writing a blog post about figuring out your own personal style-so keep your eyes peeled! I want to share my summer shoe picks with you. 

These are shoes that I anticipate being in rotation this summer. Why, you ask? Because they are comfy, stylish and versatile.

*Shopping tip: When shopping for shoes, try to have a good mix of heel height, this enables you to have options based on comfiness levels (yes-this is a thing hahah!). Make sure to have a flat sandal, a wedge or mid-heel and a full on heel. Trust me, you'll have lots of options!


1. Sam Edelman Studded Heels

Exact  here . I'm selling similar ones  here

Exact here. I'm selling similar ones here

These are some sexy ass shoes. I actually haven't worn these yet but I can't wait to come up with an outfit or event to wear these to. I grabbed these at a local Marshall's and they we're on Clearance for $30, which yes, this is a bit more than my normal price range but I thought they were so sexy & versatile that I could use with several looks. 


2. Target Phobe Lace Up Booties

These are obviously not thrifted but still reasonably priced. I like to shop with an 80/20 rule, 80 percent of my closet is thrifted and the other 20 (sometimes less) is either full retail or heavily discounted (clearance).

Anyhow, these are uber comfortable and are great with casual and dressed up looks. 

Exact  here , similar  here

Exact here, similar here

3. Dune Blush leather slides

I love these cuties ever since I picked them up on Clearance at a local Marshalls. These are what I like to call my grown up flip flops. They're comfy + chic, my two favorite combinations. 

Exact  here , similar  here

Exact here, similar here

4. Halogen Lace Up 

I feel like this trend is over but guess what? I don't care! I wear what I want. Hhahaha!

I have a thing with strappy shoes, can you tell by the shoes in this edit? They're comfy and stylish. I've worn them with jeans to a summer dress. 

Exact  here

Exact here

What shoes are in heavy rotation for you this summer? Let me know, you know I love to shop :)

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