Road Trip Adventure-Thrifted Outfit Diary from Canada

Road Trip Adventure-Thrifted Outfit Diary from Canada


So it's officially 2018 and I'm still behind schedule. Nothing has changed. haha!  I've been meaning to share all the looks I put together while on our road trip to Canada. Yes, Canada! 

Let me just tell you, it was a doozy of a road trip.  It was planned in less than 24hrs (shoutout to the best hubby ever for planning it!), walking on a suspension bridge and a trip to urgent care. 

DAY 1: Seattle, Washington

We drove over 12+ hours and slept in this super cute AirBnB and then set off to Seattle for lunch at Pike's Place Chowder (so, friggin yummy!). 

Because we were driving & walking, I needed a comfy outfit and this did the job. I LOVE this plaid/flannnel jacket with fringe detail. I thrifted at a thrift store in the middle of nowhere for $5!

thrifted outfit in seattle, washington
thrifted look-pike's place

DAY 2: Vancouver, Canada

After stopping in Seattle for a few hours we made it to Vancouver and stayed at this cute Airbnb for the rest of our time in Canada. We were pretty hungry so we set out to grab an infamous Japadog which was featured in Anthony Bourdain's show. 

The next morning we headed out to the suspension bridge at the Lynn Canyon Park (Broke but Chic tip: this suspension bridge is FREE, the Capilano bridge is not) where I finally got to wear my fuzzy turtle neck and it was glorious. :D

Vancouver suspension bridge
thrifted style in Vancouver Canada

Day 3: Vancouver, Canada

Sadly, this was going to be our last day in Vancouver so we took advantage of the day and headed to Gransville Island. I finally busted out my fur collar that I've been saving for a winter moment for the longest time and I'm in LOVE.


After this we drove back down to California and stayed in Napa, California for the night and this is when the shit hit the fan. I was feeling feverish & could barely move, it's the worst pain I've ever felt. We left the next night and made it to urgent care for much needed medicine. I ended up having a UTI that turned into a kidney infection. Ladies, don't let your UTIs get out of hand, you will regret it. (sorry if that was TMI but I gotta keep it real!)

Item Breakdown:

Day 1: Seattle, WA

Top: thrifted, $3

Jeans: Asos high waisted jeans $25

Jacket: thrifted, plaid jacket $4

Trench coat: gifted

Sneakers: Puma suede sneakers, $22


Day 2: Vancouver, Canada

Top: thrifted, $3.99

Jeans: thrifted, $3

Trench coat: gifted

Sneakers: Puma suede sneakers, $22


Day 3: Vancouver, Canada

Top: thrifted, $3

Trench coat: gifted

Fur: thrifted, $10

Jeans: Jeans: Asos high waisted jeans $25

Sneakers: Puma suede sneakers, $22


Talk soon, babes!

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