Outfits for everyday life... outfits I've been wearing lately

Outfits for everyday life... outfits I've been wearing lately

Hey babes!

Hope your doing well in quarantine! I thought I would change it up a bit and share with you a few go-to outfits during this time that I’ve been wearing non-stop. These are outfits that are comfy, chic but still work appropriate for those of you who are still working or make you feel like you’re doing something other than walking to the living room.

I’ve also added a few links to items that are similar in our shop, enjoy!

Outfit #1

outfit 3.jpg

LOVE everything about this outfit-It’s chic but still VERRRY comfy. Perfect if the weather is getting sunnier but not super hot. Basically a mini skirt, squareneckline tank top and long silk button up blouse.

This blouse , this tank, this skirt or this one

Outfit # 2

outfit 2.jpg

I mean-need I say more? This is the comfiest out of the bunch but still Princess Diana inspired.

These shorts and this sweatshirt

Outfit #3


Can we just talk about how I managed to put on a pair of jeans? There was one day where I was sick of wearing sweats so I resorted to my usual go-to… jeans. And I wasn’t disappointed, they were just as comfy as I remember.

This bodysuit, these jeans

What have been your go-to outfits?

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