How's everyone's Friday going? The heat in the Bay Area is finally tapering off which is amazing!

I've been so excited to write this post because I'm in love with this dress and more importantly how I felt in the dress.  I found it at a local Salvation Army on a 50% off day which owning this dress so much better. The dress cost $18 but with the 50% off, I ended up paying $9 for it. Crazy, right!?

I bought the dress on one of those days where I didn't play that "should I get it, should I, I don't need this, I don't have anywhere to wear this to" game with myself. Thank goodness, I didn't!  It's a vintage piece and man did they know how to make clothes that fits women with curves. 


I ended up wearing this dress to a Black & White party that my inlaws threw and got so many compliments. 

This dress is vintage and the way they made this dress is impeccable. The bodice has boning and a strap inside to ensure you're not hiking up the dress every second. This is what helped suck me in. Which was good (my body looked bangin') and bad (cuz it was a little hard to breathe). haha!

Don't skip out on the dress section at thrift store! And also, always get the dress ;)

Dress: Vintage, similar here and here

Shoes: Old Target, similar here and here

Do you all like playing dress up every once in a while?

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