I'm close to 30, can I wear a Crop Top?- short answer, F*** yes!

Hey bbs!

I hit up Ross just to see what kind of deals they had and came across this super cute crop top. Then I got a feeling in my gut, like should I get it or nah. My main issue was that I'm fast approaching 30 and thought to myself, can I wear a crop top at 29? Is that appropriate for my age?

casual crop top outfit

This just made me sad/mad that I was having this legitimate convo with myself. I'm not sure how many of you are ever out shopping and think these thoughts but I'm here to tell you, wear the fucking crop top/mini dress/whatever your feeling at the moment. 

Act your age< wtf does that even mean?!

I used to feel like people should act their age in how they act, carry themselves but as I've gotten older and now live a life as a struggling entrepreneur, I realized life is way to short to stay in a job you hate, not wear that cute crop to the grocery store.

casual outfit with fanny pack

So go on with your baddest self, live your gorgeous life!

Item Breakdown:

Crop Top: Ross, $6.49

Jeans: ASOS, skinny jeans $25

Sneakers: thrifted, Air Max $5

Flower: from bae, $0



Talk soon, babes!

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