How to re-style thrifted/vintage clothing

How to re-style thrifted/vintage clothing

hey bbs!

This past weekend was so eventful, it was nice to have something to do that wasn't work related. I attended the re-opening of my neighborhood mall that was hosting events all weekend and couldn't help but invite (ok, dragged) my hubs & best friend to all the weekend activities. 

I decided to give the hubs a break from taking my outfit pics and decided to ask my bff (of 13+yrs) to take some pics and she DELIVERED!

easy way to restyle current clothes

While she was taking pics and Art Directing she gave me an amazing idea. She had me button up my oversized denim jacket like a over the shoulder top and it looked so CHIC. Which made me think, there are so many different ways to restyle your clothing! This applies to any thrift store finds that are missing a smidge of updating.

Here's a few ways of how you can re-style or update your thrifted clothing:

1. Get creative with tying & buttoning!

Ok, so this may sound weird but getting creative with buttoning and unbuttoning will save you from donating your old white button up career shirt.  Just button up any traditional button up shirt (or in my case a jean jacket) until you get to above the chest (depending on how much cleavage you want and then pull the shirt over your shoulders and BAM you got a new shirt. 

Another super chic way to wear a button up is to leave the shirt unbuttoned (till about your bellybutton area and tie the shirt material into a knot. Grab your high waisted jeans, flats and your set. 

restyling vintage clothing

2. Grab your scissors

Thank goodness crop tops and the 90's trend is back because you can now grab any outdated t-shirt and grab a pair of scissors to create the perfect crop top. Plain t-shirt crop tops look amazing when styled with high-waisted jeans, shorts or plaid pants. 

Have a flowy maxi dress, update it by hemming it to be a midi summer dress. Scissors can do alot to update your closet. Snip, snip!

restyle thrifted clothing

3. Layer it up

This tip is super simple. Grab items that can easily be layered like t-shirts, spaghetti strap maxi dresses, lacey tanks and mix & match to your hearts content. I've been wanting to style a white t-shirt under a satin midi dress for a casual glam look.

Outfit Breakdown:

T-shirt: handmedown + DIY, free

Jeans: thrifted, $5.09

Denim Jacket: thrifted, $3.50

Flats: thrifted, $3


What are some of your tips and tricks to get your thrifted clothes to look on trend?

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