How to Hone in on Your Personal Style

How to Hone in on Your Personal Style

Style is elusive + complicated.

Whenever I read about it or hear advice about how to style yourself it always seems complicated or out of touch. So today, I'm going to give you a few tips that will guide you through finding your own personal style. 

I hope I don't complicate things even further by writing this post :)

I think style can actually be very simple: wear clothes that reflect who you are at the moment. This may seem like I'm over simplifying things here but let me break it down for you:

Style is based on your mood.. for the most part

I've noticed that with every shift in personal growth or life in general my clothes went from black to bright colored to neutral and back to black. Depending on what I was feeling my clothes reflected bright outgoing clothes or quiet almost somber clothes (queue all black everything)

street style fringe jacket

Follow the colors that attract you the most.

This goes hand in hand with choosing pieces that reflect your mood. I LOVE black clothes, shoes, bags anything. I'm also attracted to white, grey, blush pink. NOTHING bright. Every now & then I'll get a really out there color like royal blue or red but this is rare.  

street style oxfords

Don't follow trends.... unless you really like it.

This is really hard to avoid because we get hit with so many pretty pictures of amazing bloggers in the latest shoes, shirt or belt ( hello, Gucci belt!). I get it, I can't deny that I fall for this every time I see these pretty pics. I wait out trends but only cuz I'm cheap. LOL! I keep mental note of the trends (ruffle sleeves, mules, cold-shoulder tops, flatforms) and then grabbing those pieces at thrift at a lower cost and I don't feel as bad spending money on a trend that potentially only be "trendy" for a few months. 

What has helped you develop your personal style? 

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