How to clean newly thrifted items

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Today I'm going to be giving you my secret on how to get your newly thrifted items in tip top shape. So you if you're new to thrifting or you're a veteran and you have no idea how to remove those pesky price tags & pencil marks from your vintage goodies. I gotchu boo!

It's all in this magical thing called Goo Gone.

goo gone-thrift magic

Removing Stickers-This is one of the toughest things to remove from items on a flat surface (glass, shoe bottoms, metal, etc). This is where GooGone comes into play, this stuff is amazing. All you have to do is pour a small dot onto the sticker and let it sit for 20 minutes to an hour. Once the time has passed, gently start peeling the sticker off and ta-da the sticker is off your item. 

I suggest cleaning off the excess adhesive that the sticker left with rubbing alcohol and a rag.


The infamous thrift "wax pencil" from all surfaces-This is another annoying thing you'll come across when thrifting. Staff members at thrift stores (depending on which one you go to) will mark prices on furniture, glassware and shoes with this pencil and it's pretty hard to rub off without anything to help you.  

This is a little easier/faster to remove than the price stickers depending on the surface:

For glass/ceramic: Get a rag and dab a little Goo Gone on the mark and rub off. If the glass or ceramic are a little more textured, put some elbow grease into it. 

For wood/furniture: I suggest testing a small dab of Goo Gone on an inconspicuous spot to make sure the oil in the Goo Gone won't damage the wood. I've had success dabbing some on the pencil mark and rubbing it off immediately. If for some reason the Goo Gone damages the wood, I've also had success using a dish sponge & dish soap. 

I would love to learn your tips! What are some of your tips to removing those pesky thrifted tags & marks? 

goo gone -removing tags

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