Feeling Amazing in Your own Skin

I think everyone struggles with feeling good in their own skin. I'm not any different. 
And I know for damn sure I have alot to learn and grow from. 


Alot of my struggle with being ok in my skin (literally) and trouble living in my skin comes from that evil need to be perfect. I'm going to have to admit that I can be a vain person. I always want my skin to look amazing. Honestly who doesn't? In reality, I have millions of scars from acne (bc I can't stand to have a volcano on my face), sun spots and terrible texture. 

Thrifted tee: $1.99  Jeans: Bebe distressed jeans $23  Thrifted sandals: Aldo $3.00

Thrifted tee: $1.99

Jeans: Bebe distressed jeans $23

Thrifted sandals: Aldo $3.00

I went through a phase of covering every inch of my face with makeup to cover up all the mishaps happening on my face and truthfully probably doing more damage to my already suffering skin. Don't get me wrong- I'm obsessed with makeup, like really. But I know in my heart that I was trying to mask something that I couldn't come to terms with and that was trying to be perfect.

My skin has definitely improved since thanks to cutting out dairy, most glutens and drinking lots of water. I'm working on simplifying my skincare routine to be as "natural" as possible and attribute alot of my skin improvement to using natural oils like Rosehip oil as my moisturizer and wearing sunscreen so I protect my skin.

It's taken me a long time to get to the point where I'm ok with going out and not giving a fuck about my beautifully scarred face. And here it is:

feeling amazing 3.jpg

Have you had trouble with your skin? How do you deal with coming to terms with your imperfections?

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