have a confession. I love good quality items but I don't like paying retail. This post isn't meant to show off all the designer items I own but to show you that there are awesome deals out there ready to be part of your closet! Keep your eyes open, dolls!

1. Chloe Paddington Black Satchel

Retail: $1,115

Thrifted: $11

I freaked [obvs] when I saw this in a local Goodwill's display cabinet! Before this bag, I'd never had or encountered a designer handbag. Like never, my mom never had expensive designer bags, I'd never had them. For some reason, I knew this bag was worth a lot of $$$. I can sniff out good quality ;)

So I asked the clerk [calmly-so as not to tip him off that I knew it was an expensive bag] to check it out. He told me that they were selling it for $30 but he'd give it to me for $11. As you can imagine I freaked out [inside] and told him I wanted to buy it. 

This is the reason I thrift: The thrill of getting luxury goods for next to nothing. 

2. Louis Vuitton Petit Noe Epi Shoulder Leather Bucket bag

Retail: $1,900 

Thrifted: [Gifted]

Ok. So technically this isn't thrifted its actually gifted but it's still an awesome find! My amazing mom gifted it to me as a random gift. My mom loves to go to auctions, [can you tell where I get my addiction for deals from?!] and buy cool/unique items. Well, this was included in a listing and I loved it ever since. 

Finally a few months ago, she gifted it to me and I LOVE it, it's so spacious, definitely a keeper! Because, let's be real, I would never think to buy a $2K purse. I won't. So getting this fulfills my dream of owning a designer bag for $0. 

Thanks, mom!

3. Jimmy Choo 'Abel' Nude Leather Pumps

Retail: $595

Bought: $100

OMGOODNESS! I was so friggin excited to find + purchase these beauties.  These gorgeous pumps were bought at a local Nordstrom Rack on a random mother + daughter shopping trip.

I only intended to try them on because again I wasn't going to pay $600 for a pair of shoes but I was happily mistaken. They fit like a glove and turned them over to check the [crazy] price and was wow'ed when I saw they were only $148. I knew I had to have them!  

I had a few Nordstrom bucks saved up so they ended up costing just around $100. Can you believe it?!?  Now I just need somewhere to wear them to...

These amazing finds are what keeps me going back to thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and scour the clearance rack. There's hidden gems everywhere, you just need to look!


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