5 easy to wear & effortless 2019 trends to buy secondhand

5 easy to wear & effortless 2019 trends to buy secondhand

Hey bbs!

Today I’m sharing all my favorite summer 2019 trends that are not only cute but also perfect to buy secondhand.

Let’s get started!

Biker Shorts:

I love any trend that allows me to dress like I’m at home watching Real Housewives in my P.J’s. Well the biker short trend is just that. These stretchy shorts are SO comfy, pair them with an oversized band tee + dad sneakers for a laid back look. Or if you’re grabbing drinks with friends add a blazer & heels for a more dressed up look.

Strappy kitten heels biker shorts

If you’re not loving the biker short trend, try out the bermuda jean short trend. It’s basically the same concept but a little more dressed up. I’m also in LOVE with this trend. It’s more office appropriate than the stretchy shorts. Pair with a crewneck t-shirt + oversized boyfriend blazer and sneakers or strappy kitten heels for a 90’s minimal look. So cute!

Puff Sleeve/Peasant Style shirts:

This trend is a nod to little house on the prairie and I’m here for it. It' fits so well on any body type. They go so well with everything, jeans, denim shorts and even skirts. They’re perfect for lunch with the girls or work.

Kitten Heels:

Stay with me here! I used to think like you that kitten heels were terrible to look at. UNTIL I wore a pair to a wedding + realized how much more comfortable I was + still looked and felt pretty. Thankfully they are making a comeback and there’s so many pretty secondhand options like these. They go with casual, think jeans & a t-shirt or with dressier looks with a silk midi skirt.


Oversized Blazers:

Whether I work in an office or not. I LOVE wearing a blazer and especially oversized blazers. They’re a little less stuffy and more casual chic. Head to your dad’s closet and snatch one or check out this vintage linen ivory oversized blazer under $50!

biker jean short trend

Chunky Sneakers:

If you’re like me and loved your chunky Sketchers sneakers from middle school. I’m happy to tell you they’re back and look so good with all the cute stuff I previously mentioned.

Which trend is your favorite or excited to rock?

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