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10 Spring 2020 totally wearable fashion trends I'm loving at the moment!

10 Spring 2020 totally wearable fashion trends I'm loving at the moment!

OK babes, Spring is around the corner and would be lying if I didn’t say I was excited for all the springtime fashion. There’s lots of great wearable trends that YOU can slowly start incorporating into your everyday outfits.

First, SUITING is going steady. And I’m so here for it. But for spring it comes with a little twist, with shorts. Now the best way to recreate this look is to grab a pair of bermuda shorts and pair with your favorite blazer if you don’t own a matching blazer.

bermuda short suit.jpg

PINSTRIPES is another business casual look that is very office friendly and can be in light natural colors or dark 90’s pinstripes. Dressed up or down this pattern is VERY chic.

spring pinstripes

Next is the UTILITY trend. This shows up in large pockets, vests, and neutral khaki colors. Best way to wear this trend is with high rise cargo pants. I know, sounds a bit ridiculous but it looks pretty good.

utility spring 2020 trend
spring 2020 utility trend.jpg

MINTy Fresh- This light pastel green color is gorgeous and will look amazing with a tan, especially for summer. *chef’s Kiss*

mint spring 2020

SKIN IS IN-Ok, this trend is a little harder to recreate or style in real life because it means showing some skin. I’m so down for it, to a degree. If you’re loving crop tops, keep wearing them, if you want something risque wear a bra top like the one below.

bra crop top.jpg

Fringe-This 70’s trend is making a comeback but less western and more delicate fringe details made from loose embroidery. So pretty!!


Draping-I’m so in LOVE with this trend! Draping is where it’s at.. it does an amazing job of covering problem areas or if you’ve eaten one too many tacos and feeling bloated. Ruched dresses are super flattering and can be worn with sneakers and heels.


Puff sleeves-Puff sleeves are here to STAY this season. And for good reason, this trend goes well with all body types-not that that matters. I have wider set hips so the puff shape up top evens out my pear shape.

All Beige- I’m so here for this monochromatic trend. It’s a trend you can 100% recreate. Head to your local thrift shop to pick up beige colored items, there’s no need to buy the same exact color just make sure they’re in the same beige color family.


Sheer-This is another trend I’m loving! Not sure about sheer pants but I can definitely see myself wearing a sheer top with a matching (or contrasting) bralette undernear. Paired with men’s style trousers, simply perfect!

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