10 Favorite Spring 2019 fashion trends to look for at the thrift store

Hey babes!

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m listing out a few of my favorite fashion trends for upcoming Spring & Summer 2019. These are just a few trends that you can definitely find at your local thrift store.

Purchase this vintage neon windbreaker  here

Purchase this vintage neon windbreaker here


  1. Spring time colors: Neutrals, Sage Green, Lavender, Neon, Yellow

  2. Bows

  3. The Prairie dress

  4. Sporty Cycle & Surf inspired

  5. Boiler suits

  6. Matching suits/Skirt suits

  7. Tie Dye

  8. Crochet

  9. Vintage Florals

  10. Bandana Patchwork

neutral all beige outfit idea spring 2019

Which is the trend you’re looking forward to styling?

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