10 fall/autumn 2020 fashion trends I'm loving and easy to recreate

10 fall/autumn 2020 fashion trends I'm loving and easy to recreate

Hey babes,

I’m back! Wow-I feel like I haven’t written a fashion related blog post in a while and I miss it. We’re already kind of in the thick of fall but for some (like me) we’re not necessarily feeling the fall vibes. Thanks to the summer like weather. Climate change is REAL.

As always this is by no means a push for you to go out and buy all these items to fit in but more so for inspiration. Inspiration you can take with you to your closet, when you’re out thrifting or shopping sustainably online.

Let’s get into it babes!

Colorful leather

Leather is not going anywhere! I repeat leather is not going anywhere. This season it gets a little more colorful. Be on the look out for leather but in all types of color: burgundy, tan, blue, orange basically the whole rainbow. And in all forms, in jackets, trousers, shirt jackets. Head to Depop, Poshmark to find these beauties!



70’s glam

Like in past seasons, the 70’s is back and and bringing all the groovy goodness. We’re talking funky prints, flare/wide leg pants.

These will be super simple to find at the thrift store or in the back of your uncle’s closet.

Pops of Preppy

It started with vests, then transitioned into tennis skirts, polos we’re going full in on the preppy tennis match vibes. We’re loving the sweater vests over baggy button up tops with mini skirts & tights for fall. All we need is a partner to play a full set.

These can be easily found at the thrift store or with online vintage sellers!

Bring on the Bold

Bold shoulders, voluminous dresses and puff sleeves. We’re here for all of it! Pair down the exaggerated shape with something more streamline to even out the proportions. Think big shoulder vintage blazers with sleek leggings or cottage core dresses with puff sleeves & combat boots. So good!

Grunge it out

Prada & Balenciaga killed us last season with their chunky moto style boots and they’re back with a vengeance. Chunky boots can be paired with the voluminous dresses or slouchy pants for more of a menswear vibe. Think slouchy everything, button down shirts, oversized crewnecks. These can all be paired together and found secondhand too!

Grandma Chic

We’re talking cozy knits and giant collars. Pair these two together like the pic below & you got yourself a very chic outfit. Grandma approdve!

Chunky knits are fairly easy to come by & great to use year after year.

What trend are you loving at the moment!? Share with me below 🥰

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