Seeing is super important-Waldo Contact Brand & Price Review

Seeing is super important-Waldo Contact Brand & Price Review

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I’m back and hitting you with a product review. Waldo’s social team reached out to see if I was interested in trying out their contact lenses. And of course I said yes, because who doesn’t want free stuff. ahahha! All joking (not really) aside, I was super curious what this new contact lens company had to offer. If you’re eye challenged like myself (22yrs and counting, so fun!) you know that eye products can be super expensive so being the frugal person I am, I’m constantly looking for a good deal.

waldo contact lens review

Here’s a little background on the company:

Waldo originated in the UK that recently made it’s way to the US. The founder wanted to find a better way (including price) to buy contact lenses. Their products are sold as a subscription, to make it easier to not forget to buy contact lenses.

Info on their contacts:

-Moisturizing properties. Say bye to dry/itchy eyes, their contacts include 58% water

-UV protected

-Added oxygen to prevent ocular changes

-They offer Vitamin Infused lenses (B6, B12, E) for added nutrients

waldo contact lens competitors

When deciding to add a product to my monthly personal purchases I break down the price as much as possible. I’m not a math whiz (my fam & friends can testify) but I DO know how to use a calculator, so here’s a price breakdown of a few competitors including Waldo:


-$36 p/mo (60 lenses)

-$.60 p/lens


-$33 p/mo (60 lenses)

-$.55 p/lens

Costco (US only):

-$117.99 p/box

-$.65 p/lens

waldo contact price comparison

I’ve been using Waldo contacts for a little over a month and can say that they are very comfy, easy to use (minimal folding) and priced pretty similarly to competitors. They are slightly more expensive than the other subscription based company by ($.5) but you do get a few more added benefits: added oxygen (totally worth it if you’re wearing lenses daily and for long periods of time), 58% vs 55% more water (again, so needed!).

If you ask me the price difference is worth what you’re getting out of the product. In terms of value, the subscription is the obvious winner (for 3 months worth of lenses=$99 vs $117.99 for the same amt).

Do you have a favorite contact brand? If so, share below, I’m always open to trying new products :)

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