How I finally whitened my teeth at home-Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

How I finally whitened my teeth at home-Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

Hey babes!

So today we’re talking about easy teeth whitening.  I’ve always wanted to get my teeth whitened but was too scared to get them professionally done because hello, sensitive teeth ‍🙋‍♀️ Not to mention most teeth whitening procedures are EXPENSIVE and you’re girl is all about being budget friendly. A typical teeth whitening process  at your local dentist can cost $450-$600, which obviously doesn’t fit into my budget.

smile brilliant custom fit tray whitening system

This is where Smile Brilliant comes in, they reached out to me to test out their whitening method which includes your very own custom-fitted whitening trays.  I ended up testing out their T6 SENSITIVE SYSTEM that retails for $175, basically more than HALF of what it would cost you at the dentists office.

To give you some background, I’m a HEAVY coffee drinker. Like a two cup-a-day kinda girl. So it’s pretty safe  to say that my teeth were pretty stained and super excited to get a brighter smile. I have a few big events coming up in the next few months and need to be picture ready.

smile brilliant sensitive teeth whitening

I was initially skeptical/nervous because I normally have sensitive teeth and I’ve heard horror stories about people who whiten their teeth and end up with really sensitive teeth. So I opted for the regular whitening system with the desensitizing gel, perfect for sensitive teeth.

diy teeth whitening


I’ve tried the system about 4 times and have had awesome results. When I initially started the process, I did feel a slight sensitivity on my teeth but it eventually subsided within 3 minutes. Phew! I haven’t whitened them too often because I want to keep a naturally bright smile and nothing too crazy.

I will be honest it took a little getting used to not being able to eat & drink during or after the whitening process, which meant no snacks. WAH! But after some tweaks, I started incorporating my teeth whitening to be late at night when I’m done snacking (hopefully, haha!) and the hubs & I are watching Vanderpump Rules or watching a movie.

Teeth Whitening Reviews

I’m really happy with the results! And this is just after about 10 applications, I will continue to use it as part of my wellness routine and likely whiten twice a month or if I’ve had too much coffee that week. I did filter a few of these pics and you can still see some of the yellowing on my canine teeth but I’m ok with that. I want my teeth to look natural and not crazy blinding white.

OK, babes so let’s get a little up close & personal. Also, please ignore my scaly skin (thank you, Eczema!).


Taken Dec 2018



Taken April 30, 2019 (10 applications)

smile brilliant  before & after

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