Favorite Shop Friday-Shopmissa.com Review

Favorite Shop Friday-Shopmissa.com Review

Hey bbs!

So I’m starting a new series (crossing my fingers I can keep it up, ahhah!) where I share my favorite affordable/budget friendly websites I shop from often. The websites range from beauty, fashion to lifestyle. And you know I’m only sharing the sites with the best deals ;P

To launch this new series, I’ve chosen www.shopmissa.com. This online store is chock FULL of amazing beauty deals. Here are a few reasons why I love this store:

  • Huge selection (cue the tea & face mask, you’re gonna be browsing for awhile)

  • affordable high quality products

  • cute/inexpensive jewelry

shopmissa.com store review


I know what you’re thinking. This store looks little sketch. Don’t worry I was a little apprehensive as well but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the jewelry is similar to Forever 21 but 90% of the cost. These are a few of my favorite buys:

  • lashes

  • jewelry

  • bath bombs

  • beauty blenders

I haven’t bought too much makeup but I’m really happy with the quality of the beauty tools like the beauty blender and the make up brushes.

Have you shopped here before?

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