Favorite Shop Friday-EyeBuyDirect Review

Favorite Shop Friday-EyeBuyDirect Review

Hey babes!

I’m late in getting you January’s Favorite Shop Friday featuring my FAVE eyeglass website…. EyeBuyDirect.

Ok, I’m not sure how many of you know how eye challenged I am, I can’t see anything without my glasses or contacts. So it’s safe to say that I love to rock some style with my glasses because I wear them ALL the time.

thrifted vintage style

Because I need options, I also need my options to be inexpensive+ good quality, that’s where EyeBuyDirect comes in. If you have normal prescription, you’re in luck because most lenses with prescription will cost you under $60-100. They also have options to add Blue Light lenses for those of you that sit in front of a computer… ahem… like moi. 🙋‍♀️

IMG_4945 (1).JPG

I’m obsessed with them, I have 3 pairs already. If you’re looking for budget eyewear, check them out.

P.S. Right now they’re having a 30% off sale. Use Coupon Code: SUPER30

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