Beauty Favorite of the Month-September

Beauty Favorite of the Month-September

Hey bbs!

This month I had more make up free days than actual days where I wore makeup but I still had a few stand out pieces of skincare and beauty. Here they are:

  • Eminence cleanser: I’ve been LOVING this cleanser so much! Not only is it organic & clean but also cleanses without stripping the natural oils in your skin. I definitely need to try more from this brand.



  • Too Faced Concealer: OMG, I have to admit, I love a new concealer. I dropped Tarte’s Shape tape like a hot potato after trying this new concealer. It has the same high coverage as Tarte Shape tape minus the cakey finish. It’s pretty amazing. Try it, you' won’t be disappointed.

  • Essence Tint & Color Lip Stain in Pure Happiness: I’ve been on the hunt for a lip stain because although I’d love to wear lipstick/lipgloss they just don’t last as long of me. There’s too much Ghost smooching going on. Sorry, not sorry! This lipstain is so awesome, it lasts pretty long (at least 3 cups of coffee) and the color is so pretty-think natural pink + luscious. Plus it costs like $3 at Ulta!

essence lip tints


  • Modabrush Rose Gold Beautifully Bold brushes: Wow, I’m pretty much whatever about brushes but let me tell you, these brushes are FIRE! I received them in my April boxycharm + have been obsessed with them since. They’re super soft & really get the job done. I’m especially in love with the highlight brush. I had been using a regular goat hair fan brush and pretty meh about it. This Modabrush came along is so easy & light to use, even if you have a heavy touch.

I’m such a huge fan of Boxycharm, a monthly beauty subscription that sends you full sized products every month for only $21. Sign up here

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