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Hi Ladies (or gentlemen)!

It's been a whirlwind of a week between work, blogging and the holiday but we're here and we're surviving. I'm in desperate need of a nap, who's with me?

Today I thought I'd outline the easiest categories to look through when you're at the thrift store if it's your first time at the thrift or curious of the things I like to thrift. Keep reading!

When I talk to people about where I get my clothes (thrift store, duh!), one of the first things they tell me is that they we're extremely overwhelmed by the store. Yes, it is BUT if you have a plan or at least know the easiest (in my opini) categories, you're allll good. 

These categories are good starting points when you first start thrifting. Use these as a foundation and then venture off and find the things you really like to thrift. 

1. Dresses

There are soo many gems in the dress sections (if you haven't read my post about the bomb ass black even dress I found, go read it now!). Usually the dress section is small & not as large as other sections like jeans or tops. Whether you like maxi dresses or mini dresses, it's easy to find what you fancy but squatting and looking for lengths. 

2. Basic Tops

Now tops can be overwhelming, I get it. But if you know what color or textured (cotton, denim, silk or color you love, it's easy to focus on only those specific items you're looking for. If you're lucky, you may even be at a store that color coordinates their tops (I'm talking to you Goodwill!) and you can make a beeline toward your fave color. 


3. Coats

The coat section is also relatively small in comparison to other sections in the store. You can use the same technique as dresses if you're looking for certain length (trench or short)

Pro-Tip: Don't forget to look through this section in the dead of summer, you'll be prepped for winter ;)

4. Shoes 

Ok, I feel like shoes can be a bit controversial but I've actually found some good deals in the shoe section. Since you know what size you are, it's easy just to stick to your section in order and not bother with other sizes that don't fit you. If you're weirded out by trying on or buying used shoes, I recommend wearing/or bringing a pair of socks with you so you can try on shoes in relative peace. 

Also, spraying/wiping the shoes down with antibacterial or washing them usually does the trick. :P

Hope this helps you get started + make the thrifting process less intimidating. What do you usually like to buy at the thrift? Let me know, I'm super curious! 



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Ok guys so not alot of people who thrift like to divulge their favorite places to shop but guess what? I'm giving you the low-down on my favorite Bay Area thrifting spots, yup!  Just don't take all the size 8 shoes, plz & thank you!

1. Salvation Army on West San Carlos

This is my trusty store-or any Salvation Army for that matter, I've always been able to find goodies at Salvation Army stores. They have good sales (like 50% off on Wednesdays and the last Fridays of the month). Make sure to get there early on sale days because you already know, the early bird gets the worm ;P

2. Crossroads 

So I know what you may be thinking, I will never be able to get good stuff at cheap prices at Crossroads. But give it a chance. Whenever I go, I make a beeline straight to the clearance section. I've found name brand shoes and the cutest dresses for $3-$8.

3. Goodwill

Even though I don't frequent Goodwills that often, they're a little over-priced for my taste to be honest BUT you can still find really good things. I've found a brand new pair of Free People platform shoe for $5 bucks and countless other good finds. If you're a Target fan, then you're going to love Goodwill stores. They receive Target donations, so very often you'll find discounted Nate Burkus furniture or really cute new clothes. 

DSC00334 2.jpg

4. Teen's Challenge

This is a really cool hole in the wall thrift store that's not too far away from Crossroads. It's a small enough that you can haggle for prices

5. Capitol Flea Market

It might be because I grew up going to flea markets but I feel like these are some of the best places to find legit stuff. As long as you have the patience, that is. You can get new/gently used clothes for 50 cents to $1, endless knick knacks and here unlike retail thrift stores you can haggle to your hearts content. 

Have you gone to any of these thrift stores? Which is your favorite Bay Area thrift store?