5 easy to find clothing basics to find at your local thrift store

Hey babes!

I wanted to jump on here and share a few everyday clothing basics that I love to look for at the thrift stores. Not only are these clothing items popular to wear, I find them ALL the time at the thrift store which means they are easy to find items.


Like duh! Jeans are my favorite thing to search for at the thrift store. Now this takes a little bit of commitment as far as having to try on a bunch of different jeans but the amazing part is that you can buy a pair of jeans for less than $10. That’s not a deal you find everyday.


This winter, turtlenecks were everything to me. I had some serious Steve Jobs vibes going on but I loved it. I see turtlenecks of all different colors at the thrift store and they range anywhere from $1.99-6.99 depending on the fabric & brand. I like to keep my turtleneck collection to neutrals to help with versatility within my wardrobe.


Graphic Tee’s

You can never go wrong with a good ‘ol graphic tee. I love pairing these t-shirts with jeans or for a dressed up casual outfit with wide leg trousers & strappy heels for that cool girl look. Graphic tee’s are a plenty at the thrift store and can be really cheap (think 99 cents).

Shop this fun band tee: http://bit.ly/2EPmTSF

Shop this fun band tee: http://bit.ly/2EPmTSF

Pro-thrift tip: Check out the children’s & men’s section, there’s some gems that are hiding in these unsuspecting sections.


I’ve found most of my ride or die boots at the thrift store and let me tell you they are a plenty and really good quality. Keep an eye out for vintage snakeskin ankle boots or even leather knee high boots. Plus they will cost you a fraction of what they would’ve cost retail.

Thrift tip: try looking for boots during Spring/Summer when people are purging their closets to make room for their spring wardrobe

Shop this blazer: http://bit.ly/2ISmWRE

Shop this blazer: http://bit.ly/2ISmWRE


I LOVE myself a good blazer, especially vintage ones. Thankfully the minimalist trend going on right now has made blazers really popular but I think they’re a closet essential. And really easy to find at the thrift store, in all kinds of different patterns & non-patterns.

Tell me what are going to add to your thrift wish list for your next thrift adventure?

Araceli V.