Best thrift stores in the Northern California area-IMO

Hey babes! 

I'm back this week with a very important post. A list of my favorite thrift stores in my area. Yes, I'm sharing my fave Bay Area-South Bay thrift shops, these are stores I frequent and have found so many awesome thrift store finds/goodies at these locations.

Keep in mind these are thrift stores in my area, there are a tonnn of thrift stores I still haven't visited yet. Best place to find thrift stores is Yelp!

bay area thrift store.jpg


1. Salvation Army (all locations)

Salvation Army thrift store chains are my favorite. Over the years, thrift store prices have gone up year after year< due to the fact thrift/vintage shopping has become SUPER popular over the last few years. In my opinion, Salvation Army stores (depending on location) hasn't price gauged as much as other stores.

It's organized and has a variety of high-end items (they have a boutique) and other brands. 

Price Range: 1.99-24.99 (coats, etc), this spot is especially good on 50% off days because it's not crowded!

Pro-tip: Grab their sales calendar to make sure you hit up their sale days.

2. Hope Station (all locations)

Hope thrift stores are semi-new to the Bay Area. I first started visiting the Fremont location they they finally opened one in SJ (YAY!!!). Now I recommend if you're new to thrifting to start off at smaller thrifts because Hope Thrift stores are massive (well at least the one in SJ), you can spend hours at this store. But fear not, it's very organized + looks alot like a department store. 

Price Range: $1.79-$12.99. Again, a bargain on select sale days.

Pro-tip: Make sure you read & double check the sale signs when you first enter, the wording on the sales sign is soo weird. True story: I once spent 2 hours picking the wrong sale colors. -_-

hope thrift store


3. Flea Markets (local to your area)

Ok, so flea markets aren't exactly what you would consider a thrift store but there are some CRAZY bargains at the flea market. The flea market I go to there are stalls that sell clothing for .50 cents to a $1 a piece (Like, whoa!!) and other small home furnishings. Think lamps, night stands etc.

Price Range: .50 cents-$5

Pro-Tip: Bring cash with you and get there early, the later you go the more picked over the stuff is.

4. Urban Ore

This store is like a flea market & thrift store &  junk yard goodness. Keep in mind this is more for vintage finds but really good deals. It's a bit of a drive from the South Bay but if you live in the area, you should check it out. 

They have an awesome books, arts & crafts section as well as a clothing area with a bunch of vintage clothing. 

Price Range: $1-$8

Pro-Tip: Get there early, parking is very limited!

What are your favorite thrift stores? Share your spots below


Araceli V.