February Thrift Wish list

Hey there!

Ok, so I'm back with my thrift wish lists. Since I've been reselling full time I've spent alot more time at the thrift stores and have found some GEMS. If you haven't already watched my thrift haul, go check it out here.

Even though I've found alot of really awesome things at the thrift store, I have a few more items that I would LOVE to find. Here they are: 

-Black leather boots

-Black leather tote

-Reformation-y tops or dress

-Black high rise jeans


1. Black leather boots like this

black leather ankle boots

2. Black leather tote.

I'm going for simple and versatile.

black leather tote

3. Reformation-y tops or dress

Do I really need to say anything else? Ugh, so chic.

reformation red polka dot dress

4. Black high rise jeans

Basic. Basic. Basic

black high rise jeans

5. Beret

I'm a little late here to this trend, but I'm really liking it.

french black beret

Let me know what items you're searching for at the thrift this month!

Araceli V.