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August Thrift Wish List

Araceli V.Comment

hey hey beauties!

I'm excited to see what August brings in terms of thrifted goodies. Back in July I purged my closet of the things that didn't make me happy or vibin' with my style. I donated two bags worth! 

I'm getting a better & better grip of my style and things that I know fit me well & fit my aesthetic.

This month I hope to find:

1. Interesting tops: Ok, so this isn't as specific as I'd like it to be BUT that's the beauty of thrift stores, you never know what you're going to find so you kinda have to go with the flow. I'm thinking:

-wrap tops

-lace-y camisoles

-soft casual tee's

-structured tops

-button ups (can never go wrong with good silk/cotton button ups!)

OMG... check out her Barbie bag charm. *Drops everything and runs to find Kelly*

OMG... check out her Barbie bag charm. *Drops everything and runs to find Kelly*

2. High waisted denim (jeans & shorts): So this is a repeat from last month but ever since I ordered these high-waisted jeans from ASOS, I've fallen in love with this cut of denim. 

*style tip: To all my curvy women, high waisted denim is amazing! They accentuate your curves & you can forget about muffin top!

high waisted denim

3. Black jeans: I have alot of denim and I need something to break it up and what better than black denim. lol!

4. Chic black tote: I need a purse that I can carry around a lot of stuff, laptop, notepad etc. And I need it to be black and made of soft leather.

Classic Structured Leather Tote-cuyana


What's on your thrift wishlist this month?