5 Top Reasons Why Thrifting is the Best

I get it guys... when you first start thrifting can be scary but its just like everything else. You get used to it and if you like it enough, you might even like it. 

I first started really thrifting when I was in high school. But back then it wasn't cool to wear used clothes, you know. For years I would hide the fact that 90% of my clothes was from the thrift {lame, I know!} 

Fast forward 15 years, I'm super proud {almost too proud, if that's even possible} of the fact that I've saved sooo much money and looked pretty stylish in the process. ha!

So I want to share with you all the reasons why thrifting is the best way to shop-in case you didn't already know ;)

  1. Save Money!

This is the whole reason why I ever started thrifting. My family didn't come from alot of means and as a way to get affordable clothes, furniture & dishes, my mom explored local thrift stores to outfit her family & our house with perfectly good things. 

I grew up with this mindset. To save & be frugal whenever possible. 

Retail is not all what it's cut out to be. You get one shirt that's sold to thousands of people. You don't get that mass production at thrift stores. There's cool pieces from obscure/vintage brands & designers that you wouldn't find at H&M or Zara. There's so much variety!

     2.  A Revolving Closet

I love clothes {I mean what person doesn't?} and I don't have a millionaires bank account. I also love having new(ish) clothes in my closet and I refuse to buy expensive stuff to get more options in my closet. So that's where the thrift store comes in. If you've read my best thrift store finds post, you know that the thrift is FULL of luxury goodies new, gently used and more importantly on trend. 

     3. Designer Brands at Reasonable Prices

Look, I love to follow all the coolest bloggers who wear the latest Gucci belt {that I have my eye on} or bucket bag. I love it ALL, that's an awesome ass life. But it ain't mine. 

I can't afford a $500 belt. And wouldn't pay for it even if I did. So I've learned over the years that you can find amazing designer pieces or designer inspired pieces that are more than 80% off. You just have to be patient & keep your eyes open!



     4. Keep From Filling Our Landfills AKA Recycle

I try to spend my hard earned money at businesses that give back to communities directly or indirectly. I try to shop local {as often as I can}, donate & shop at thrift stores that give back to underserved communities and support mom & pop store. 


     5. For FUN & Cheap Thrills

I'm not sure if I'm the only person that feels this. But I love digging through racks or piles of clothes. It's kinda weird, right? But I LOVE it. 

There's nothing like foraging through the bins and finding a cute shirt or a super soft buttery purse you been wanting your whole life {but really, who else struggles finding the perfect bag?} The best way I can describe it is as finding a diamond when you least expect it. It's the best!


Do you thrift? If so, why do you thrift? Let me know in the comments below!

Araceli V.