Inhale The Good Sh*t, Exhale The Bad Sh*t



 I'm a firm believer in energy, karma and destiny. 


One the main mantras I'm trying to harness is energy; specifically positive energy. It's f'en hard to stay positive ALL the time because let's be real, sometimes life gets in the way of  your "plans" and it messes things up. You need constant reminders to keep your head up and out of all those bad, icky thoughts you may have about life, bills, careers or whatever.


As any shopping fiend would do, I decided to accessorize.


The bracelets in the picture above were from a store at my local mall and I fell in love with them (bought them in silver & gold)! I bought them during a glorious BOGO sale so they came out to be $20 for the pair.


Not only do they reflect how I WANT to feel but it's also just real talk-Inhale the goodshit, exhale the bullshit.



Stay Positive!






Araceli V.