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February Thrift Wish list

Araceli V.

Hey there!

Ok, so I'm back with my thrift wish lists. Since I've been reselling full time I've spent alot more time at the thrift stores and have found some GEMS. If you haven't already watched my thrift haul, go check it out here.

Even though I've found alot of really awesome things at the thrift store, I have a few more items that I would LOVE to find. Here they are: 

-Black leather boots

-Black leather tote

-Reformation-y tops or dress

-Black high rise jeans


1. Black leather boots like this

black leather ankle boots

2. Black leather tote.

I'm going for simple and versatile.

black leather tote

3. Reformation-y tops or dress

Do I really need to say anything else? Ugh, so chic.

reformation red polka dot dress

4. Black high rise jeans

Basic. Basic. Basic

black high rise jeans

5. Beret

I'm a little late here to this trend, but I'm really liking it.

french black beret

Let me know what items you're searching for at the thrift this month!

How to mix & match thrifted clothes with your wardrobe

Araceli V.

Hi ladies!

Ok, so today I'm breaking down how I style and incorporate my thrifted/vintage pieces with my full retail clothes. 

You're probably thinking how the hell do I get an entirely thrifted closet if you're new to thrifting? Well the good news is you don't have to. You can have the best of both worlds!  I enjoy a nice shopping sesh at TJ Maxx or ASOS like anyone else, especially if it involves a sale :)

Here's a few things to keep in mind when incorporating your thrifted/vintage finds with your existing closet or newer pieces.  The awesome thing about having a mixed closet is that you can use the same technique for your thrifted & retail pieces a la I.AM.GIA (which I'm really digging).

Pick Neutrals: This is the easiest trick in the book, choosing neutral colors will allow you with the perfect canvas for mixing & matching all the pieces in your closet. You'll find it's so much easier to incorporate vintage pieces with your existing closet or newer items you pick up when they are in neutral colors. Think black, white, tan, and even metallics like silver & black.

Metallic booties.jpg


Mix (trendy) + match (vintage): This is what I really love about thrifting, it doesn't limit you to your wallet or how often your personal style changes. Did you recently buy an amazing pair of black skinnies from the thrift? Add a checkered blazer or a chunky knit or vice versa if these are thrifted items already in your closet and you're eyeing a pair of black jeans. The point here is not to limit yourself (in styling & in life!).

thrifted checkered blazer.jpg

Stick to basics: I've found that my coolest outfits always incorporate a staple from either of my closets (vintage/retail) i.e. jeans, a button up or sneakers. I love vintage denim... ok, I'm obsessed with it actually so I find myself always grabbing my thrifted jeans and pairing it with some of my trendier pieces. 

How do you like mixing & matching your closet? Let me know!

How to Thrift When You're In a Hurry-3 Easy Tips!

Araceli V.Comment

Today-I'm going to be sharing a few of my go-to tips when thrifting or shopping in a hurry< something I do all the time!

1. Make a bee line to the dressing rooms (if there are any)
I do this ALL THE time. If I'm thrifting in a time crunch (I'm talking 30 min-1hr lunch) I run to the dressing room to pick up any loot that didn't end up fitting someone. You may or may not find anything but regardless you cut the rummaging time. Someone's already picked through to find good items. Talk about efficient!

Didn't find anything? Don't fret! Look on the racks closest to the dressing room. You may or may not know this but people are lazy AF and will not put something in the right place-not excluding myself :p 

*Pro-tip: Check the area near the cash register too for any of those last minute regrets.

thrift store layout

2. Create a wishlist beforehand
Trust me even a seasoned thrifter gets overwhelmed the moment they walk into a thrift store. The other day, I went to a new thrift store in my area and stood in the entrance for like 5 minutes staring in awe of how large the store was and how I was going to possibly find anything. Needless to say-I did. hahahah!

Creating a wishlist really keeps you on track for what you should look for and prioritize looking for at the thrift. I like to spend some time thinking about what trends are in line with my style and jot them down. Head over to check out my August Thrift wish List to see my current list.

Based on what's on my wish list, I'll navigate around the store looking for these items. 

For example, if I have black high-waisted jeans on my list, I'll go straight to the women's jeans section and first look in the dark/black denim then fan out to the men's section if I haven't found what I like. 

fashion wish list

3. Pull what catches your eye, sort later
I learned this the hard way and still to this day fail to follow my own rules. Jokes on me -__-
I've learned to grab and throw anything that I like into my cart. There's a few reasons for this: 

  •  You don't spend time deliberating whether you should get it
  •  You get more time to go through more items.
  •  It also gives you time to figure out what you want. I've picked up a shirt that I ended up hating by the time I was at the check out. 

What are some of your shopping tips? Share them below, I'm always down to up my shopping game!