10x10 Minimal thrifted style challenge-10 clothing items, 10 outfits in 10 days

Hey babes,

I’m back and ready for a challenge. I’ve been seeing tons of sustainable fashion bloggers doing the 10x10 challenge and thought I’d give it a try-obvi thrifted style.

10x10 minimal clothing style challenge

The 10x10 challenge was created by Style Be in an effort to encourage herself to get more creative with her clothes during a 30 Day Shopping Fast.  I got super excited to try this seeing as sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with the amount of clothes I have. Sometimes getting dressed in the morning can be a little difficult.

Here is my 10x10 challenge clothing item breakdown:


-Everlane navy cropped pants

-vintage Levi’s cutoff jeans

-Faux leather leggings


-Oversized Denim Jacket

-White button down top

-White Turtleneck

-Graphic Band tee

-Tan cowl neck tank


-Grey All Bird wool sneakers

-Sam Edelman black leather ankle boots


Araceli V.