10 Favorite Spring 2019 fashion trends to look for at the thrift store

Hey babes!

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m listing out a few of my favorite fashion trends for upcoming Spring & Summer 2019. These are just a few trends that you can definitely find at your local thrift store.

Purchase this vintage neon windbreaker  here

Purchase this vintage neon windbreaker here

  1. Spring time colors: Neutrals, Sage Green, Lavender, Neon, Yellow

  2. Bows

  3. The Prairie dress

  4. Sporty Cycle & Surf inspired

  5. Boiler suits

  6. Matching suits/Skirt suits

  7. Tie Dye

  8. Crochet

  9. Vintage Florals

  10. Bandana Patchwork

neutral all beige outfit idea spring 2019

Which is the trend you’re looking forward to styling?

Araceli V.