Pressure, Polka Dot trends and Posh Picks

Hey hey bbs! 

I'm finally back! I went dark for a second because I got into an unexplained funk. I just knew that anything I posted felt inauthentic. And unintentionally sent myself into a social media detox (at least posting goes). Has this happened to anyone? If so, how did you cope? How'd you handle it?

I found it incredibly difficult to snap out of it, I just genuinely didn't feel like sharing content, it was the weirdest thing. Since starting my business it's been a struggle. Not to mention keeping up with the Jones's on social media, my ever growing to-do list, continue to make my business grow and just survive as a human. *sigh* But I've finally come around and found the confidence to keep sharing my journey in starting my own business, my life and hopefully some encouraging words for those having a tough time. Don't worry, I'm sending you tons of cyber hugs!

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Apart from a quick life update I wanted to share my most favorite trend at the moment: Polka Dots and the 90's. I'm so excited that the 90's are back with a vengeance. There's something in my soul that just agrees with these 90's trends, maybe it's the minimalism or maybe it just reminds me of my childhood. Whatever it is, I'm here for it. I picked this little dress up at my local Goodwill for under $10 and so in love with the style & cut, it fits me perfectly! 

90's Polka dot wrap dress trend

Besides the super popular polka dot trend that hit us this summer, the straw bag trend knocked us out with its chicness. I picked this one up for $3 and it was barely used which makes this buy so much better. *insert heart emojis*

The minimalist 90's fashion trend isn't just a trend for me, it's a lifestyle. I love having the flexibility of being able to mix & match all my pieces with classic silhouettes to make a fucking amazing no-fuss comfy outfit.

Straw bag and polka dot dress summer trend

I'm so happy & motivated to be back and share my outfits, style inspiration and more with you all. Thank you for your patience sending love & good vibes your way!

90's polka dot minimal trend

Outfit Breakdown:

Dress: thrifted, $8.59

Straw Bag: thrifted, $3.00

Sunglasses: Amazon, $9.99

Heels: Burlington, $10.00


Polka Dot Dress Posh Picks:

Under $100

  1. So classic

Under $50

  1. Vintage goodness

  2. So on trend

Under $20

  1. Forever 21 coming in clutch

  2. Vintage babydoll polka dot dress

Straw Bag Posh Picks:

Under $50

  1. Love a good pom pom

  2. Straw perfection

Under $15:

  1. Super chic, matches my aestetic

  2. Love this shape! 

How have you gorgeous people been? Tell me have you had a hard time dealing lately? Let's help each other out and share in the comments what works for you!




Araceli V.