Red Hot Valentine's Day Looks- Casual & Romantic ❤️

hey gorgeous people!

I've never really been into the Valentine's day holiday but I'm always down to celebrate love. Plus it gives me an excuse to wear RED. Jose and I don't have any plans other than to chill and watch our favorite shows and cuddle Ghost 👻

Ever since my Holiday/New Year's outfit, I've been loving the color RED. I'm not sure if it's because of the stage I'm at in my life but red gives me life rn. I feel so proud & vivacious to be in my skin. 

valentine's day thrifted looks

This is the first time in a really long time (I'm talking like 6yrs old, long time) that I have modern red pieces in my closet so I thought I'd go all out and serve you with TWO thrifted looks. One is more casual. Think dinner & movies and the other outfit might be a little over the top, but hey, you'll look amazing. So who cares?1?! You'll definitely need a reservation and a glass of champagne 🥂 for the second outfit. 

And of course, they're both fully thrifted looks under. 0_0


Casual Thrifted Valentine's Day outfit

For this casual thrifted outfit, I opted to pair these faux leather leggings with a bright red sweater I featured on my latest thrift haul to make it a tad more comfy. 

best second hand shopping outfit
best vintage fashion for valentines day

Item Breakdown-Casual Outfit:

Sweater: thrifted, Joseph A $3.50

Leggings: thrifted, Wilfred Free $0.84

Heels: thrifted, like them? buy them here


Romantic Vintage Inspired Outfit 

This is my FAVE outfit I've put together so far. It's classy, sexy and best of all really inexpensive. I added a bunch of gold jewelry to finish it off and I'm ready for the glass of champagne ;)

sexy thrifted outfits
thrifted outfit under $20
thrift shop attire
girly thrift apparel

Isn't this corset GORGEOUS!?!? I couldn't help myself, especially since it was $3. Remember when you're out at your nearest thrift store don't forget to look through the lingerie section for delicate corsets like this one or silky tanks.  

Item Breakdown-Classy Thrifted Outfit:

Corset: thrifted, $3.00

Heels: thrifted, like them? buy them here. 

Jewelry: gifted/free

What are your plans for V-day? 

Talk soon, babes!!


Araceli V.