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Beauty & Skincare Favorites of the Month-October

Araceli V.

Hey babes!

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my current favorite beauty & skincare products. I’m pretty open to trying new products but I have my go-to products every month with a few rotating favorites. Grab your coffee or tea and enjoy the beauty talk!

  1. The Ordinary-Coverage Foundation

This is hands down the best foundation I’ve used in a very long time. This is comparable to any high-end foundation on the market right now. It gets 5 stars in all the important features like coverage, finish and coloring. For me the color is really key. I have olive/yellow undertones and have had a hard time finding the right color foundation. Well ladies, look no further. Not to mention the finish is soooo natural. It’s my skin but so much better.

the ordinary coverage foundation review

2. Becca-Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer

I’ve mentioned my tried & true concealer is Tarte Shape Tape but I’ve found a new lover! hahaha They have different coverage & finishes so it’s not cheating, right? This concealer is lightweight but still offers great coverage (take it from my dark eye circles). It has a faint luminous finish which is ideal for those light, dewy make up days. I also love to layer this on top of the Tarte Shape Tape to make the under eye area a little less cakey. Pro-Tip: Check out eBay for cheaper (legit) options. ;P

3. It Cosmetics-Brow Power Eyebrow pencil in Universal Taupe

This is a great brow pencil! The color is perfect and last a long time. It’s super easy to apply and great for travel because it comes along with a brush to brush out your brows out. 2-in-1, hell yea!

it brow power universal eye brow pencil review

4. AOA Studio-Pre & Hyper Fiber Mascara

Whoa-So this is a new come up that I recently come across and have been loving! This mascara is a two-fer meaning a two step process. First you apply the pre then follow up with the hyper-lash. Now when I first tried this product out I was so surprised that the second step actually comes with little fibers that attach to your lashes for extra volume & length. The finish is pretty awesome full/fluttery lashes. Quick tip-I’m not very fond of the formula of the 1st step so I just switch it out for my fave mascara.

shop miss a $2 fiber mascara review

5. Glossier-Balm Do Com

This cult favorite doesn’t disappoint and now I know why so many people love it. Apart from being stupid cut to look at, it actually performs! I use it before I start getting ready + by the time I’m ready for lipstick my lips are super soft and make for a better lipstick/lip liner application

6. NYX Lip Liner-Nude Suede Shoes

This is my fave lip-liner/lipstick of all time. The color + staying power is perfection. And lemme tell you the staying power is legit, it definitely passes the smooch test (super long-wearing!). I have tons of liquid lipsticks and this lip-liner is the one I choose over the others EVERY time. Plus they have tons of color options so you can find you’re perfect color.

glossier balm dot com lip salve

What are your recent favorite go to products for this month?

Seeing is super important-Waldo Contact Brand & Price Review

Araceli V.

Hey bbs!

I’m back and hitting you with a product review. Waldo’s social team reached out to see if I was interested in trying out their contact lenses. And of course I said yes, because who doesn’t want free stuff. ahahha! All joking (not really) aside, I was super curious what this new contact lens company had to offer. If you’re eye challenged like myself (22yrs and counting, so fun!) you know that eye products can be super expensive so being the frugal person I am, I’m constantly looking for a good deal.

waldo contact lens review

Here’s a little background on the company:

Waldo originated in the UK that recently made it’s way to the US. The founder wanted to find a better way (including price) to buy contact lenses. Their products are sold as a subscription, to make it easier to not forget to buy contact lenses.

Info on their contacts:

-Moisturizing properties. Say bye to dry/itchy eyes, their contacts include 58% water

-UV protected

-Added oxygen to prevent ocular changes

-They offer Vitamin Infused lenses (B6, B12, E) for added nutrients

waldo contact lens competitors

When deciding to add a product to my monthly personal purchases I break down the price as much as possible. I’m not a math whiz (my fam & friends can testify) but I DO know how to use a calculator, so here’s a price breakdown of a few competitors including Waldo:


-$36 p/mo (60 lenses)

-$.60 p/lens


-$33 p/mo (60 lenses)

-$.55 p/lens

Costco (US only):

-$117.99 p/box

-$.65 p/lens

waldo contact price comparison

I’ve been using Waldo contacts for a little over a month and can say that they are very comfy, easy to use (minimal folding) and priced pretty similarly to competitors. They are slightly more expensive than the other subscription based company by ($.5) but you do get a few more added benefits: added oxygen (totally worth it if you’re wearing lenses daily and for long periods of time), 58% vs 55% more water (again, so needed!).

If you ask me the price difference is worth what you’re getting out of the product. In terms of value, the subscription is the obvious winner (for 3 months worth of lenses=$99 vs $117.99 for the same amt).

Do you have a favorite contact brand? If so, share below, I’m always open to trying new products :)