Workday Beauty Routine

Apart from thrifting, my other love is makeup & beauty. I LOVE makeup. Getting ready is easily one of the favorite parts of my day.

I work at an office everyday so it's important for me to wear makeup that will help me look put together & like I got a decent amount of sleep. 

For the most part my workday makeup is super basic and takes about 30 minutes. I blame YouTube tutorials for distracting me while I'm getting ready. I try to stick to the basics and switch up my eye look to keep things somewhat interesting. Ha!

1. Concealer

Concealer is my LIFE, it's the only thing that helps me look like a human and not like a zombie. I've tried so many concealers and I haven't really found one that's my holy grail. So far this Maybelline Instant Age Rewind-Neutralizer has been doing it's job but I'm still deciding whether I like it.

2. Foundation

I've been trying to keep things simple & use less foundation at work to minimize looking like I have too much makeup on.  I use just a small dot of foundation to cover up my hyper-pigmentation and call it a day. EX1 is great foundation it's medium coverage and is great for olive skin tone, it's a perfect color match. Not to mention its light weight and perfect for everyday wear.

3. Eyebrow gel

I'm in LURRVVV with ColourPop cosmetics-hands down the best company & not to mentioned really inexpensive. I use the the brow gel in Dope Taupe, this is such a good gel. It lasts all day long and is a great color for brunettes & dark hair women.

4. Mascara

Eyelashes are my jam! This is really where I concentrate all my efforts in, creating some bomb lashes. I recently picked up Rimmel Lash Accelerator and I like it, its a great mascara that goes well with other mascaras.

5. Nude Eyeliner

Did I mention I love ColourPop? Ha! I love putting nude eyeliner on my waterline, it gives an overall rested look which I need desperately.  

Araceli V.