My name is Araceli, dog mom & Sustainable Fashion lover. I set out to build a life on my own terms. I landed on building a sustainable online clothing store.


Well, I knew I always wanted to be my own boss. And after several jobs that just didn’t feel right, I set out to merge two of my fave things- shopping & thrifting. At this point I slowly started to realize the effects of buying fast fashion. As a consumer, I no longer wanted to contribute to the demise of our planet (I’m a bit dramatic, what can I say?). So I set out to bring used clothing a new home & new life.

I created Thrill of the Luxe (TOL) as a destination to showcase pre-loved clothing in a different light. I saw the need to show how stylish pre-loved & vintage clothing can be. Not to mention buying second hand clothing & accessories online can reduce the stress put on our beautiful earth.

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