My name is Araceli and I have a confession..just kidding. It's really hard to make an about me that doesn't sound like a confessional. 

Here's a little bit about me:

  • The Bay Area is my home <3
  • I'm a huge dog person. My family had 4 little ones {2 are in doggy heaven now} at one point. I love all my fur babies-including Ghost, our newest addition!
  • I feel most alive when I travel. So far I've visited Mexico, France, Spain, Canada, Cuba 
  • I LOVE thrifting, like live & die for going to thrift stores {and honestly shopping in general} spending hours looking through people's donated goods {or clearance rack} to find a gem.

Why did I create Thrill of The Luxe?

 I've felt lost for some time now, I don't really know what I'm doing with my life but honestly who does? My haven has always been fashion and shopping. I love shopping. Like, a lot. But not just shopping in the traditional retail sense. I love thrift shopping. It's something that was a need but slowly evolved into something fun & exciting. It's thrilling finding a hidden gems & paying almost nothing for it. Looking & feeling fabulous doesn't have to be expensive {I promise!}

What can you expect from Thrill of The Luxe?

This is going to be a space where I share things I'm most passionate about: Thrifting, Beauty & affordable living. 

Follow me for another side of me & fun shopping trips here.